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Features and Functions to Select a Touch Screen Computer

Through advanced computer technology, touch screen computers have become the way of the future. Their revolutionary design has been implemented in several digital appliances, such as the personal digital assistant (PDA), mobile phones, satellite navigation devices, and video games.

What indicates the presence of a touch screen system?

There are a number of types of touch screen technology. Touch screen computers have two key features: they allow interaction with what is directly displayed on the monitor, rather than indirectly with a mouse or touchpad; and they allow one to interact devoid of any intermediate device. Touch screen monitors are compatible with some existing systems and can be attached to other computers, monitors or networks.

There are several features and functions to look for in a good quality touch screen computer. When choosing the right touch screen computer, one must consider the following:

  • Touch resolution
  • Image quality
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Vandal resistance/breakage
  • Power consumption
  • Size
  • System compatibility

How long is a POS touch screen computer system's expected lifetime?

POS Touch computers hold durability in a point of sale location, as they are able to withstand up to 50 million touches in any one location. Infrared and surface acoustic wave are extremely durable, as they practically have a limitless lifecycle. Both of these systems are least susceptible to damage, followed by capacitive, and matrix/analog resistive. Matrix and analog technologies do not require external power supplies, since they are made to operate with the signal power from a COM port. Also, since product manufacturers ensure sealing of most touch monitors, they are fairly impenetrable by spills, dust, and damage.

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