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Choose the best credit card reader for your point-of-sale application

There are different kinds of credit card readers based on your application. Step One POS offers the easiest credit card reader available for magnetic strip scanning, connecting via USB port.

A credit card reader setup consists of a magnetic stripe reader, a keypad to enter prices and other information, and a small display. The mag stripe reader on the credit card is able to interpret one’s account information and then automatically processes the transaction. Depending on the type of data you may be reading, you may just need a credit card-only reader which reads two stripes of data, or look into more flexible three stripe readers which can read licenses, ID's and credit cards.

At Step One POS, our magnetic stripe readers are ideal for all types of applications – they are efficient, reliable and easy to use!

What should you know about a credit card reader for your point-of-sale?

Your credit card reader may integrate with a complete point of sale setup. The display attached a credit card reader can vary in size, and is measured in lines and columns. For example, a 5 x 10 display has 5 lines of text, 10 columns wide. Most point of sale displays have a backlit display, which helps with visibility in poorly lit areas.

Working with a flexible keypad with more keys allows for the option of assigning commonly-used functions to designated keys. Typically, a larger keypad offers ease of visibility and use. However, in cell-phone based applications, your phone keys are set to do the trick. Where the USB port is connected to the computer terminal, most terminals have flexible setups for data entry.

Complete credit card reader setups can either have a built-in printer, or one that can be attached as a separate component. All wireless credit card readers have built-in printers, but when purchasing such a system it is important to consider battery life, range, weight, and shock-resistance.

You should ask yourself the following questions before choosing a credit card reader:

  • Is it Battery-powered?
  • Is it able to uphold 2 or three tracks of data, allowing flexibility in card type, such as credit, drivers, or ID?
  • Does it have a USB interface for computer peripheral connections?
  • Does its portability allow you as the merchant to obtain real-time authorizations without delay?

Contact Step One POS for all your questions about a POS credit card reader and we’ll advise you on the best one suited to your individual business needs.

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