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What to Look for in Point of Sale Touch Screens?

The design of diverse user applications makes the touch screen system suitable for all types of industries, such as industrial, hospitality, medical, kiosks, transportation, retail, office automation, POS, and gaming.

At Step One POS, elo touch screens, point-of sale touch screen, and touch monitors offer the best blend of efficiency, reliability, price and ease of installation and use.

What should you look for in a touch screen system?

When selecting a touch screen monitor, it is important to consider the various touch systems that offer superior optical performance as well as those that have a long-lasting lifecycle. Resistive touch is pressure sensitive, which allows for the ability to touch with hand, gloves, credit card, or stylus, whereas Capacitive touch is triggered solely by body contact. Though Matrix touch technology is capable of registering dual touch, it is the only touch technology that does not have sufficient resolution to acknowledge finger input.

Which touch screen system offers superior optical imaging?

In view of image quality, non-resistive touch technologies perform better than resistive touch systems. Since Infrared touch technologies have no glass in front of the monitor, the image quality is enhanced.

Why should you choose a touch screen system?

  • Keyboard emulation eliminates susceptibility to damage and repetitive-motion injuries
  • Touch systems reduce the time required to learn about hand-held devices, allowing for accuracy in use
  • By combining different sizes, touch monitors are ideal for all types of industries
  • USB interface allows for computer peripheral connections
  • The duration of a touch screen system can carry on for several years, outlasting the lifecycle of most keyboards and mice

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