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Star Micronics  
TSP143iii-USB ECO Receipt Printer
Model: TSP143iiiU-ECO 39472310
TSP143iii-USB ECO Receipt Printer
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The World’s First ECO Dedicated POS Printer

The TSP100ECO, the world’s first ECO POS printer, further extends the legacy that is the TSP100 futurePRNT. The TSP100ECO supports Star’s commitment to being ecologically responsible, while allowing Star to continue to provide a high-speed, software enriched, economical choice for users.

The TSP100ECO brings an array of environmental benefits

  • 75% reduction in power consumption compared to standard Star printers

  • Up to 70% reduction of paper consumption

  • New Halogen-Free printer housing

  • New recyclable packaging

  • Includes a 5 year pre-paid manufacturer's CO2 offset program (Carbon offset) to help protect our environment

The TSP100ECO electronics has been designed with an advanced power management circuitry which allows any user to reduce his printer current consumption by up to 75% compared to standard Star printers making it the most economic printer in its class. Developed with smart paper management features, the TSP100ECO is designed to minimize the environmental impact of point of sale printing.

Adding to the environmentally friendly design is the TSP100ECO’s cover unit. The cover unit is manufactured with Halogen-Free recycled plastics. The packaging each printer is shipped in is also recycled and eco-friendly.

The TSP100ECO is also offered with a full 4 year warranty

What's the Difference?
75% reduction in power consumption
Up to 70% reduction of paper consumption
New Halogen-Free printer housing
4 Year Warranty

Star TSP100 with Future Print
Star TSP143 ECO Hardware Features and Benefits
All in One Box All the accessories are included in the box with the printer
High Speed Thermal Printer Will print up to 30 six inch receipts per minute
High Reliability MCBF: 60.0 Million Lines; Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1.0 Million Cuts
Horizontal or Vertical Orientation Use the printer on the counter or mounted up against the wall; whatever position suits your requirements.
Small Foot Print With it's small foot print, you can save precious counter space
"Drop In & Print" Loading The TSP143 ECO's clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading
Installation CD Included in the Box There is no need to download drivers or utilities because all the software is included in the box
Wall Mountable You can mount the TSP143 ECO printer to the wall and use the futurePRNT configuration utility to setup Text Reversal so the receipt is printed to face the customer
Customize Receipt Design You can now customize your receipt design by offering coupons, custom graphics with your store's logo, and more!
Digitally Signed Driver (WHQL) By using drivers that are certified by Microsoft, you can be sure of worry free operation
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